Bonding with my ABBA, Father….

Yesterday I had the privilege to speak at a workshop about Bible Journaling. I wanted to take a minute to share the heartbeat behind my passion for journaling.

It is important to know that I am not an artist and you don’t have to be one either. As a matter in fact I got a D in art at the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts. ( I was a music major)

For me, journaling has become a creative addition to the deep study that I have had set in place for years. My walk with God is strong because of Who HE is and my faith in what HE says in His Word, which I diligently study. It does not replace my current methods of study.

Journaling is an expression of my creative side , combined with my deep study of the Bible, resulting in an essence of intimate worship. Journaling has given me and outlet to express what God speaks to me. There is a unique bond that takes place between the Lord and I when I journal.

Some things that I have learned from my journaling adventure:

* Do not aim for perfection! YES , I said it! Isn’t that good news??? This is an opportunity to get messy with the Lord. Some of my pages even have tear stains on them.

* If you are not gifted in art or writing, don’t panic! Many Bibles have pre printed pages that you may add to. This is the Bible I use for journaling and I LOVE it! It is available is regular and large print:

* Keep Christ at the center of this time of journaling. This isn’t an art project or a competition but something sweet that can be abstract and freeing. Turn on some worship music and get started!

* My daughter Rachel, who has Epilepsy has embraced this method of study as her mind sometimes gets overloaded, so the simplicity of a meaningful verse has been so precious to both of us. She even journals in my Bible and together we are creating an heirloom.

* Don’t spend a lot of money on this! A Bible, gel pens, some paint, and other mediums that you can explore will get you started. Pinterest has many free stencils and ideas for using items that are more than likely laying around your house!

* Be careful to keep God’s Word in context as you journal. Sometimes it is easy to look at the brief scripture that is highlighted but take away a meaning that isn’t accurate. Always look at these scriptures with curiosity of the story behind it and around it. Not too hard for our creative minds!

* Where do you start? Its easy, there are no rules! Start with a word, your favorite verse, a worship song, maybe a Bible Study that you are participating in. Nature is a great starter! Just start!

* While I think its great to have community, I prefer to journal alone. Just me and God! Each person is different, but this is my preference.

* There are many resources that offer fun ways to use the variety of mediums. This is my very favorite of all and it is a brand new release!

The most important thing is to get excited about God’s love letter to us no matter how you study or read it. Let Him speak to you and digest what He is saying. Journaling helps me slow down and ” Be Still” before my King. May you discover the glorious riches and promises of our loving God!

Radiant with Joy,



  1. Thank you so much for this blog post. I am new to Bible studying and journaling and your words have brought comfort to my doubts. I feel that maybe I was doing it all wrong until I read this post and saw the words ” be still” and also your point about your time with God.


    • You are so welcome! I’m happy to hear that you made a connection. Just remember that imperfections, like us, can be made into something so beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

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