My unexpected visit from Loneliness

Who invited loneliness for a visit today? And WHO let you in??? I’m suppose to be busy at work, but here you are instead.

I’ve heard all about you but never invited you in…..How did you get in today??? Did I leave a door unlocked for you? You are an uninvited visitor and an unwanted guest…Leave….leave now!. God please take me out of this scary place ! My day was going so great and out of NOWHERE you decided to come see me…No, I refuse to let you stay…. go , go now, in Jesus’ name!

Thank you God for being with me today and for never leaving me alone when I call on Your Name.


Do you find yourself lonely sometimes? I did, this afternoon. I’m not referring to living alone or being physically on your own, I am referring to the paralyzing moments that loneliness tries to trap your mind and heart. It almost feels like you can’t breathe.

Who visits your mind when you are alone?

Does The voice of God or the voice of the enemy speak loudest?

Do you dine with them or shoo them out? Are they brief visits or does loneliness linger around for a while and overstay it’s welcome.

Loneliness isn’t always a physical state of being, it’s possible to be lonely and surrounded by people. Do people contribute to your loneliness or is a place that you turn to because it seems to be the only place you know for sure that you are accepted.

Who is your friend when loneliness comes to pay you a visit?

Can you find hope in your loneliness?

Loneliness doesn’t have to remain “lonely”. Sharing with brothers and sisters in Christ will lift the fog that tries to keep us in a state of being isolated and alone. God has sent so many precious people in my life that leave imprints and sound bites of Gods voice in my heart! What a blessing to have a rich inventory of God’s heart through His children.

Loneliness doesn’t mean your life sucks or that your family sucks. My family is crazy, awesome, and rarely gives me time alone, but my mind still had a brief encounter with loneliness this afternoon.

It’s a place in the mind that can pull us to the arms of God or if we prefer to listen to the enemy, it will open the door to a lonely , cold hell. I knew which way to turn and God’s truth spoke volumes over the antics of the enemy.

” We put our hope in the Lord.

He is our help and our shield.

In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust His holy name.

Let Your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our

Hope is in YOU alone. Psalm 33:20-22 NLT

Gazing in the eyes of God can turn loneliness into a passionate intimacy with HIM. He will meet us in the loneliest places we have ever been. All we have to do is seek HIS face. Let our HOPE be in HIM alone! HE is our happily ever after!

Loneliness happens when something so paralyzing takes place that our minds don’t know how to process or move. We “stay stuck “on that matter and become so fixated on it that we isolate ourselves from every other thought, good or bad. We anticipate the worst because of that incident and spend a lonely time waiting for it, or something worse ,to occur. Then, if something worse happens, we have a new layer of loneliness.

Being lonely creates a slow painful death of everything around us. It’s not a physical death, but a death that continuously puts up a thick prisonlike wall around the heart and the mind. Not letting anyone or anything inside.

If we could only see that this loneliness can also catapult us into the arms of Christ, who knows all about loneliness , we would see with the eyes of our hearts that we have HOPE!!! In the instant that Jesus died, alone , on a cross, HE gave us a choice to break free from painful solitude, transforming us into longing for solitude to be with HIM , every day.

Suddenly we may look so lonely but we aren’t! We are longing to be alone with the King of our heart.

We become FULL and confident in the love of Jesus piercing through the layers of loneliness that felt like anchors permanently fixed in the bottom of the ocean with darkness all around.

We are FULL of the Spirit of Jesus and we become excited to adventure this once lonely place with Him ! We feel the anchor loosen, He lifts us up from the bottom of the ocean and brings us to the surface where we can take a breath of fresh, new air…. given by my best friend Jesus, who will never leave us alone. EVER!

We can be confident in not knowing anything and yet satisfied and content with living in faith every single day!

We can be confident in the adaptive way he wired us to go with HIS flow and know I’m not alone! This wiring will not work if we live in the sea of loneliness, only activated when we let Jesus pull us out!

THEN we live a life of faith that says, “let’s get alone God, I don’t want to be lonely! You know all about me and all of the things I wish I could put into words for others to understand. YOU understand. YOU know the inside stories and jokes that nobody else could ever understand.

YOU know me Lord and I trust YOU to replace fear and loneliness with courage and love. I will look loneliness in its face and recognize it for what it is and who it came from! From now on, I will not let loneliness become a welcome visitor or a long term resident in my life! “

Nice try Satan…… Thank you Jesus!

With love and affection,


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