The Loudest Words

Why is it that those words which abruptly flash across my phone screen seem to get my attention the quickest and set the course for the rest of my day?

Sometimes before my eyes are fully open in the morning, I may get a glimpse and my heart will sink.

Words that hurt, words that give false hopes, words that cause confusion, words that are not truth. The list goes on and on. It’s so convenient to send and receive these digital messages but I think people sometimes forget that there is a human being on the receiving end. Someone with real feelings and a life that they may not know much about. It’s desensitizing.

I have felt the pain of words from a text to my core and knew that these words were in a battle to overpower the mighty words of God. Words do hold a lot of power in our lives as the Bible tells us, but the power of God is mightier than any word of darkness.

I think it’s time to start each day with the fresh canvas of God’s Word…. If we carry His truth in our hearts all day long we will be more likely to select our words more carefully and with love.

Put on the Armor of God, and text with Love y’all!

May the Word of the Lord be the loudest words in our heart and mind so that we may live Radiant with Joy!

Thy Word IS a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path! Psalm 119:105

Much love,


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