“WHAT IF?” An encounter on the Brent Spence Bridge

How exciting it was this past week to be in Nashville to celebrate and pay tribute to Michael W. Smith. 35 years since the song “Friends” was released and 35 years his songs have been a part of my own personal life. It was UNFORGETTABLE. Charlie Daniels even performed “The Devil went down to Georgia” with Michael on the keys. God’s presence graced the arena as over 50 artists, comedians, and presidents displayed gratitude to a man God has used to help lead us all to Him. I even watched as God’s Spirit poured over Winona as she led us all in worship to “Majesty”.

Truth is, we almost didn’t get beyond Cincinnati on our journey because I was going into extreme ” travel panic attack mode.” The 45 minutes from Centerville to Cincinnati was taking a toll on me as my mind and emotions went wild from the memories of the many car accident’s I had been in over the years.

I will share with you that my numbers are startling, but should not have been too surprising because of the “F” I got in Drivers Ed in 1984. The ONLY ” F” on my report card. Anyway, the stats are 10 Car accidents, 5 cars totaled, and I gave Cincinnati and Dayton two news stories as a result of two separate accidents. So, there it is… cars and I do not have a great relationship! BUT God and I do! And I praise Him daily for the miracle of no major injuries.

Now, back to the Nashville story. My mind was in a whirlwind of uncontrollable “What if’s”. What if that semi hits us? What if that car comes over? OH NO, what if that car who clearly cannot merge into traffic doesn’t see us. What if something happens to us and we don’t make it home to our family? The list went on and on….

My husband asked if I was ok and I lied and said, ” sure”… we were also celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, so I didn’t want to start it off by screaming that I just wanted to turn around and go home. I was scared.

I started to call on God for His peace…. my anxiety was becoming very noticeable as I kept hitting the fake brake on the passenger side, sweating, and started to breathe heavy with panic.

What if…. what if…. what if… Lord, I am scared….. over and over in my head.

By the time we reached the bridge from Ohio to Kentucky, the worst of all fears set :

“What if the bridge collapses? This bridge is regularly on the news and deemed unsafe…it could just fall into the river. God, what if??????” What if it falls when we are on it???

As we were on this bridge, a strong, loud, powerful voice filled the inside of my entire body. It was not audible to the outside of my ears, but internally God’s voice spoke like thunder and simply said,


I knew it was God, NO question. I was calmed. I was reminded of a promise He gave to Moses from Exodus 33:14 that says, ” ” I will personally go with you, Moses, and I will give you rest-everything will be fine for you.”

While I don’t know what my reaction must have looked like to my husband, I know that I couldn’t speak. I was overwhelmed with tears that fell with the promise of God catching each one and filled with His joy.

I assured my husband that I was OK, and within a half hour I had fallen asleep in the car for the FIRST time in over 15 years. Rest, God’s rest. I didn’t wake up until we were about 10 miles outside of Nashville.

I don’t know what your ” What if’s” are in life, but I do know that if you call on God He will offer the best WHAT IF that is 100% backed up by His word. I want to be sure you know that He will give you rest, peace, and never leaves us hanging. Our fears , our what ifs can be replaced by “I AM”.

When I got home, I had to journal this amazing encounter with God:).

Look for God in the midst of your fears, even if it is on the Brent Spence Bridge! His presence is there too!

Radiant with Joy-


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